Apologies for the lack of updates since last year. I was on the edge of a panic attack for the last month and a half.

My guess is that it stemmed from me starting to become more independent in my job. I was aware it was stressful, but I guess I was more stressed than I thought I was. So I ended up collapsing at work.

Healthwise, I'm doing better, but the anxiety got 10x worse since that happened. I wasn't able to go outside without fear of losing consciousness again, and I could barely eat without feeling nauseous. Everyone around me was awesome though; people at work checked up on me and eased my anxieties over not making it to work. My friends outside all contacted me and asked if I was okay. It's been a bit since I felt so cared for.

But yes, I am back! I'm not as focused on my hobbies because of the heightened anxiety. But I am interested in getting back to things. Recently, I've been listening to good music and watching Trigun (Stampede, and currently the original Trigun). Vash is my favorite, as basic as that is.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year! For the singles out there, let's all celebrate Valentine's Day together ^^