here's some i've read so far.


A fun fiction story about Harry Dresden, a modern wizard who helps solve a series of murder cases in Chicago. I find it hilarious that the dates he has with the women in his life always end up shit because of his profession.

Also, the way Jim Butcher writes makes me imagine everything like a cinematic experience.
"Come on" I told her. "Sit down. I'll get you a drink while I refuse to tell you anything."


She held up two fingers. "How many fingers am I holding up?" "Fifty," I said, and held up two of my own.
An autobiography of a person with DID. Oscar Isaac actually read this to prep for his role in Moon Knight, which got me to read this in the first place.

Each of the chapters are written by different alters of Robert's system. They tell the story of how he progressed from dealing with alcoholism and bullemia, to being able to connect with each of his alters personally.
Alters have enormous differences-in voices, demeanor, literacy levels, even heart rates. Most of all, their have their own identities and their own feelings. Deny that 'realness' and MPD therapy can't work.